Iron Pan Chicken by the BBQ Pit Boys


To get your Chicken tender and moist just throw it in a black iron pan and then shut down your grill for the last 30 minutes. Watch how easy it is to serve up some of the best tasting chicken you’ll ever eat with these few simple tips, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. To print out this recipe and 100’s more check out our Website



  1. Made this today.  It was goooood.  I make my own rub but spiced it up a bit with some extra paprika and ancho chile.  Prolly the best advice you gave was making sure you let it rest.  I took it off the grill (it was really pretty), loosely wrapped it in foil, and went and finished chores for the next hour.  I sort of forgot about it, walked in the house and saw it waiting.  Cut it up and served with mashed potatoes and gravy made earlier from the pan.  Can't believe how juicy and delicious it was on the first try.  I have to give 100% credit to your great video.  Your directions and tips were so good it made me look a pro on my first try.  Now I'm trying to get my dad to watch some of your vids now (hope it helps him out, heh).  Thanks again!  Can't wait to try some of your other stuff out.

    You know… it's really easy and relaxing way to cook too.  Get the grill and coals ready… prep the chicken… by the time your done the coals are good… start cooking… make the taters and do some work… drink a beer… take the chicken off… make the gravy… wrap and finish working around the place… by the time your done workin you walk in and supper's just waiting.  Get the kids and nothing left to do but enjoy it all.  Sorry for the long post.