Chuck Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Sick of just plain old hamburgers and hotdogs off the grill? Crank it up and try this tender and moist Beef Chuck Roast the next time you fire up your barbecue Pit..! And, it’s real easy to grill with these few simple tips, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. Print the full instructions at this link:



  1. Guys my hats off to yas . I have subbed for awhile , I just gotta say you have given my smoker and grille grace and help me produce some awesome food. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work. Cheers boys,it's time for a beer and some smoked brisket .´╗┐

  2. Man… I cant stop watching these vids. I tried making the beer can burgers yesterday. One day this week I am going to make the "Mountain ribs" – keep up the great work. Really like the idea of recycling the juices for a dip too.´╗┐

  3. Leave mine BLOODY RARE he heee That 1st will be my steak dinner YUM There so many things one can make out of a chuck roast, BBQ sandwich, or put that puppy in a warm flour tortilla with some onions ect..I can't get pass making steaks out of it. Just like the 72 oz. big Texan steak… CHEERS´╗┐

  4. A marhah├║s az izom├ęp├şt├ęshez sz├╝ks├ęges t├ípanyagokat b┼Ĺs├ęgesen tartalmazza…Nagyon hasznos a szervezet sz├ím├íra… Csak "m├│dj├íval ".. fogyasztva. – F┼Ĺleg az " A "v├ęrcsoport├║ak sz├ím├íra……´╗┐

  5. So, I followed the instructions pretty much exactly and didn't have good luck. The only thing I can think of that was different was that my chuck roasts were frozen and thawed before I grilled them (maybe I'm stupid for doing that but hey, I'm a beginner). They did hit 145┬║ at the 1 hour mark and then I wrapped them. And also, the internal temp of my roasts reached 195┬║ at about the 3 hour mark as opposed to the recommended 4-5, maybe this was a problem too? So frustrating because its the second time I've tried this and they come out all firm and dry. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank You!´╗┐